A support platform for hospitality businesses.
Together, we can say Folk you to COVID-19.

Business support for all hospo Folk.

Hospo Folk is a not-for-profit online community designed to connect the hospitality industry with the wider business community. Our tribe was formed to support our hospo mates in the wake of COVID-19. Turns out there’s a bunch of business folk that want to ensure the survival of the industry, offering up anything and everything from free legal advice to discounted takeaway packaging, to ease the strain. Explore what’s on offer to support you until COVID-19 folks off and we can get back to business as usual.

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Seriously, check out the smorgasbord of inedible, but extremely delicious, complimentary and heavily discounted business services that will keep your business wheels in motion.

Useful, important & often funny stuff.

We say often because let’s face it, accountancy will never be funny (sorry, not sorry, accountants). Regardless, you’ll find it here, along with a wealth of resources that will keep your business ship shape.

Mar 31
Stand out on the ‘gram’

Overnight, the hospitality and fresh food industry went online. As a collective of…

Mar 30
The Lowdown on Job Keeper Allowance

The Lowdown on Job Keeper Allowance Last night, the government made the announcement…

Mar 28
What the folk is going on?

Both at a federal and state level, the government continues to drip-feed stimulus and…


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