Overnight, the hospitality and fresh food industry went online. As a collective of small, independent businesses, you guys are using innovation, creativity and a never-die spirit to offer your products to customers in a whole new way. 

But with this shift in industry dynamic comes a whole new level of responsibility when sharing your brand on social media. It’s not just you against a handful of others, it’s you against every coffee machine in Australia.

The ‘gram is all about being captivating enough to make someone stop scrolling. The good news? It isn’t as hard as it looks (we promise). 


Make it look edible, for God’s sake!

Don’t sit back and gawp at the talents of others in snapping shots of their food and getting it on the ‘gram. We assure you, photo taking isn’t rocket science and technology is here to help. Believe it or not, there are a few basic tips and post-production tools to help make your snaps so visually appealing, people are left drooling…and with any luck, picking up the phone and buying!

The most basic of tips – keep your hand still and take the time to capture a quality snap in good natural lighting. Then, up the magic factor using the filters available on your iPhone* (it seemed only fitting to use Apple as our example… apples… food… foodies… do ya get it!?) or on Instagram to enhance your assets. 

*If you’re using a non-food pun brand of smartphone, don’t stress yourself. They all have some form of filter capability built into the camera app. 


Don’t get lost in a sea of food images.

It’s your business, your passion, your life love, so why wouldn’t you own it? Where you can, mark your images with your unique logo, colours or any of the personality traits that make your business and your brand your own. This will not only help you build a consistent look and feel across all of your content, it will also allow you to break through the sea of food images and invite people to engage with your brand specifically.


Post every blue moon… and every day in between!

Social media usage has skyrocketed since we’ve all been locked away at home (…come to think of it, imagine how active Rapunzel’s ‘gram must have been…). People are engaging more and sharing more as a replacement for the lost human interaction in their everyday life. Don’t miss out on this piece of online love! 

This equation is simple – the more love you send out, the more you’ll get back meaning the more frequently you post, the more interactions (likes, shares, profile visits etc.) you’ll receive. Traditionally you should try to post at least two to three times per week at a minimum but in this crazy time a post a day wouldn’t go amiss (as long as it is interesting, engaging and relevant) to remind people you’re open for business. 

How do you gauge if you’re posting too little or not enough? It’s simple! If you’re scraping for content then the chances are you haven’t got anything new and interesting to say. We always say, if you’ve got nothing value-adding to say, say nothing! Stay in the moment and remain agile – post in those moments when you think ‘my fans would find that useful’ or ‘this is cool, my fans would love to see this.’ Remember, they can’t drop in as easily as they used to, so grab a snap and show them what they are missing!


Show a little leg…

Not literally… unless that’s what you’re selling (this is a no judgement space). Letting customers see behind the scenes of your operation, a side of your business that users don’t typically see, is a great way to engage and remind people you’re open for business, working hard and there’s people behind the enterprise. People love to see the smiling faces behind small business, so showing your face might just drum up additional support. After all, people do business with people.


Do your mother proud and say ‘Thank You’

Amid a pandemic, just when we needed to truly band together, we’ve seen a rise in supermarket fights over toilet roll. Don’t be the guy armed with two ply – amid the negative, be the guy who takes the time to thank every single person who shows up to support your business, whether in person or online. Even when it’s a mad rush, pause, be grateful and say thank you. You’ll add something to both your customer’s day and your own. 


It’s not all about you… ask a question!

Although we sometimes forget, there are other human beings behind each and every social media account. A like doesn’t just appear, a person physically has to move their thumb! (Mind  blown, am I right?) Asking a question on social media speaks directly to a potential customer and encourages interaction with your business. Go on, try it! Ask your community what they think with a question in your caption!


Stay on trend!

Lean into hashtags as an easy way to reach people who don’t already follow you. Think of hashtags as the key conversation topics at a party. Kathy & Mark are having another baby? No way! #accidentnumberthree

It’s simple enough to understand what’s trending – when you start typing out a hashtag on Instagram, it’ll come up with a list of suggestions, including how many posts have used that particular hashtag. 

Just remember, none of us really know what we’re doing!

The world is a weird ass place right now and businesses and individuals alike are relearning how to go about their day-to-day lives. Don’t be afraid to try something out and feel as though you’ve failed. Because trust us, we feel like we’re failing too. And so does everyone else in this shit show.


Best of luck & happy ‘gramming,

Emma & Anelise



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